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Writing Notes

Assessment Services

  • Dyslexia Screening 

  • Full Diagnostic Assessment

  • Exams Access Arrangements for schools and colleges

  • Teacher Training - staff meetings, CPD, consultancy

Dyslexia Screening

A screening assessment is a good way to find out if your child has 'traits' of a dyslexic learning style. It's a short assessment, around 45 minutes, and provides you with a short report. The cost of a screening assessment is £30. 

Dyslexia Assessment

A full diagnostic assessment will give a diagnosis of dyslexia, if that is what has been found. A full deatiled report gives area of strength as well as areas of difficulty. It will give detailed recommendations and can form the basis of evidence for 'Exams Access Arrangements' such as extra time, reader etc. As I have an 'Assessment Practising Certificate' (APC) the report has life-long relevance and is evidence of the diagnosis throughout all phases of education, from Primary to Higher Education, as well as in the workplace. 

Exams Access Arrangements

I offer assessment services to schools and FE colleges to complete Exams Access Arrangements in line with the JCQ (Joint Council on Qualifications) guidelines. I'm a Level 7 Assessor with a current APC (Assessment Practising Certificate) and can therefore act as your centre's appointed assessor. 

I am also offer 'remote assessments' for International Schools, FE Colleges with remote learners (apprenticeships) and students taking exams as private candidates.

Teacher Training

Information on dyslexia is not routinely part of Teacher Training which means many teachers don't feel confident being able to identify or support students with dyslexia. I offer training to schools and colleges to provide teaching staff with the tools to support their dyslexic learners. Often, it's not about doing more for a dyslexic learner, it's about understanding the way these sudent's learn and making adaptations to what you're already doing. 

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