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Diagnostic Assessment

What is in the dyslexia report?

After the assessment a full report is written and submitted directly to you. It will give a diagnosis of dyslexia, if that is what has been found. It will also give details of the child's strengths and areas for development. Ideas and recommendations for school and home are part of the report and can provide evidence to school to request Exams Access Arrangements for external exams. This might include extra time, use of a reader etc in exams. Later on, the report can also be used to apply for funding at University to support learning or can be a useful guide for employers to accommodate individual needs.

What are the costs?

The cost of an assessment is £575. This includes a three hour assessment using standardised tests and a full report including recommendations and guidance for school and home, including advice for Exams Access Arrangements, where appropriate.

Where will it take place?

The assessment takes place at my office in North Bedfordshire. Although the assessment takes 3 hours I ensure that there are plenty of breaks and opportunities to enjoy the experience.

How do I book an assessment?

If you would like to discuss an assessment or to make a booking please contact me by email on

Alternatively please complete the form on my Contact Page

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