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Claire Matthews, Headteacher

“Abi was brilliant with the children who she assessed at my school. Her communication with parents was helpful in reassuring them and the class teacher appreciated having an input so that Abi had a good understanding of how the children were in class. Abi is extremely knowledgeable and her advice is clearly based on her vast experience as so much was easily implemented into normal classroom practise.”


Michelle Graham, parent

“Our son is 9 years old, currently in year 5. Abi carried out assessment to determine whether he was dyslexic or not, as he was struggling in school. We cannot thank Abi enough for all her help, assessment, support and advice. She was approachable and listened to our worries when nobody else would. Our son loved working with Abi. She soon calmed his nerves and has a very gentle way about her which makes you feel at ease. We were provided with an informative well-presented report, which clearly identifies our son's areas of weakness and strengths from the assessments carried out. There are recommendations which are clear and specific for school, who now have identified areas that they have begun to work on to support our son, which is amazing as they just didn't know what to do before this. Abi has supported us in understanding the outcome of the report and how we can support his needs at home too. Our son now has a much better chance at succeeding thanks to Abi's amazing input.”

Dylan, student

"Abi made my assessment fun and it didn't feel like I had been working all morning. The work I did with Abi is now helping me at school".

Nikki, parent

“Abi was incredibly thorough and patient while carrying out her dyslexic assessment on my 15yr old daughter. The whole process was smooth and she spent time with both of us following the assessment to explain not only the results but also techniques going forward. Her recommendations and explanations of my daughters strengths and weaknesses not just within the obvious areas were reassuring. Abi was also helpful in talking through other aspects of my daughters life that could be explained by her assessment and how we could help improve them."

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